I can’t believe it’s only been three years I’ve been pouring my heart out into the ether of the internet. It seems like I’ve always been blogging. It certainly saved my sanity during the insanity of the last few years. But it also has served as a venue for sharing my brand of humor. I’ve linked a couple of my favorite blogs below to mark the occasion.

The Dime Store of Broken Dreams

If You Build It, They Will Come (like it or not)

The Unflattering History of Sports (and me)

Thanks for reading.



One thought on “My Third Blogiversary

  1. Congrats on your three years! I’ve laughed and enjoyed right along with you. I hope that you have a beautiful holiday season and a glorious New Year. I think that you are a wonderful and beautiful person and though I know you miss the love that you have lost, there is joy and love ahead of you. Be well, my friend, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and any other thing that makes you feel love and happiness. xxoo

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