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The Story of the Pink Tree

Ron Stempkowski:

I put up the sparkly pink tree the other day and watched “Love, Actually” while decorating it. This Christmas is extra special because it’s the last Christmas I’ll spend in this apartment–the last place I shared with Ken. Though moving forward is ever-important, I can’t help but look back on the memories with this tree this time of year. Here’s the story of my beloved pink tree…

Originally posted on the xanax diary:

Fact: It’s impossible to be in a bad mood while decorating a sparkly, pink Christmas tree.

[There is a magical quality about this tree that attracts Chow Chows beneath it’s shimmering boughs. Quantum – 12.05.09]

It feels like this tree has been a part of our Christmases forever. But it only became a part of the holiday tradition in 2009. And it was sort of borne out of the beginning of a very challenging part of our lives. Two days before Thanksgiving that year we’d received definite news that his cancer had returned. He’d been having pains in leg since late summer. He even told me months earlier before tests had even been run, he knew it was the cancer. “I’ve had this pain before,” he told me, standing in our bright orange and yellow kitchen. “I know what it is.” Larry Sunshine, King of Denial–brushed it off in hopes…

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One thought on “The Story of the Pink Tree

  1. Joanne Anderson on said:

    Thanks ever so much Ron for the wonderful memory, I always told Ken it was a light Red tree. So glad that you shared. Enjoy this Christmas season with so many happy and sad memories of the Garden home. Love you very much.

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